The Hate Machine Episodes

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Episode 1: The Assboy
Uploaded: 11/23/1998
Running time: 3:25

Episode 2: Terror at Eye Level
Uploaded: 12/13/1998
Running time: 4:17

Episode 3: Child Abuse
Uploaded: 2/10/1999
Running time: 6:07

Episode 4: The Prisoner Dilemma
Uploaded: 3/22/1999
Running time: 4:41

Episode 5: Got Short Attention Span?
Uploaded: 5/25/1999
Running time: 4:40

Episode 6: Brother of the Other Color
Uploaded: 8/16/1999
Running time: 2:45

Episode 7: The Propaganda Machine Part 1
Uploaded: 12/14/1999
Running time: 2:22
Note: You will understand THM7 better if you have seen Stealth Force, the Air Force's horrible recruiting cartoon.

Episode 8: The Propaganda Machine Part 2
Uploaded: 12/16/1999
Running time: 2:52
Outtakes: 1
Note: You will also understand THM8 better if you have seen Stealth Force.

Episode 9: Enter Mrs. Coffee
Uploaded: 6/29/2000
Running time: 2:56
Outtakes: 4

Episode 10: Bacon, Lettuce, and Public Indecency
Starring Gina Ryder as Veronica
Uploaded: 11/22/2000
Running time: 5:51
Bonus material: Public Service Announcement
Bonus Running Time: 1:45
Outtakes: 6

Episode 11: Children of the Corn Children
Uploaded: 2/19/2001
Running time: 11:39
Bonus material: Carry On
Bonus Running Time: ?
Outtakes: 6

Episode 12: Two?
Starring Gina Ryder as Veronica
Uploaded: 6/29/2001
Running time: 4:37
Bonus material: THMST3K
Bonus Running Time: 0:48
Outtakes: 14

Episode 13: The Shortest Episode Ever (But with the Longest Title So Far)
Starring Susan Grant ('82) as Jet
Uploaded: 11/19/2001
Running time: 1:53
Bonus material: What M-5 Is Like in Stealth Force
Bonus Running Time: 4:52
Outtakes: 5
Note: Again, you won't get THM13 until you have seen Stealth Force.

Episode 14: Jailbreak!
Uploaded: 7/2/2002
Running time: 8:58
Bonus material: A Close Shave
Bonus Running Time: 1:08
Outtakes: 8

Episode 15: The Offersons
Starring Ali the Hooters Manager as Sue Offerson, Sarah Offerson, and Debra Flinn
Uploaded: 11/21/2002
Running time: 9:01
Bonus material: Okay, Here's the Gratuitous Sex
Bonus Running Time: 1:17
Outtakes: 9

Episode 16: The Two Towers
Starring Meghan the Playboy Model as Trixi
Uploaded: 1/26/2004
Running time: 9:14
Bonus material: Fifty-Three Fucks
Bonus Running Time: 1:23
Outtakes: 13

Episode 17: Deer, Deer, Deer, Deer
Starring Ali the Hooters Manager as Debra Flinn
Uploaded: 3/6/2005
Running time: 10:09
Bonus material: The Ostrich Family
Bonus Running Time: 1:30
Outtakes: 6

Episode 18: One Day Pass
Starring Ali the Hooters Manager as Debra Flinn
Uploaded: 12/27/2006
Running time: 12:26
Bonus material: The Third, "Popping" Dimension
Bonus Running Time: 1:43
Outtakes: 7