Training Simulator

It is not as easy to haze a freshman as some people may think. Some upperclassmen mistakenly believe that merely screaming at a freshman constitutes training. The true professionals, however, know that training is not about screaming at all--it is about forcing the freshmen to perform four basic tasks that, while simple to do one at a time, are absolutely impossible to do simultaneously. By demanding a freshman to put his shoulders back and down, to rack his chin in, to pin his elbows to his side, and to shout out useless trivia at the top of his lungs, an upperclassman can easily break a freshman's will without even having to raise his voice.

The objective of this game is to monitor the freshman's position and correct him as soon as you notice an infraction. When you see the freshman fall out (by relaxing his chin, his elbows, or his shoulders, or by not shouting) correct him by clicking the appropriate area. You have 60 seconds to make this smack regret the day he was born. Enjoy!

The game below requires the Authorware Player
Authorware Player

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