The Rule

One of the hardest things for cadets to adjust to at the Zoo is the loss of virtually all privacy, particularly in the restroom. Cadets dwell on rapidly fading memories of scented votive candles and little baskets of potpourri. But alas, there isn't a decent shag toilet seat cover within fifteen miles of the Academy. For four years, cadets are forced to relieve themselves in stark, uninspiring dormitory latrines, lining up to piss like cattle at a trough. And to make matters worse, some cadets don't obey The Rule; just when you are about to let it flow, some jerk inevitably pulls up right beside you and ruins your concentration. It is as frustrating as trying to find the beginning of a roll of packing tape. This game is designed to test your understanding of The Rule. This game should be mandatory for all freshmen, and it should replace Engineering 410. (Women, pretend the urinals are stalls; the concept remains the same.)

The rules are simple: Obey The Rule. Don't piss next to a guy, don't piss closer to a guy than you have to, use broken urinals as a buffer zone between you and would-be close pissers, and make sure that you leave room for other cadets, if possible. And if you must break The Rule to piss, then HOLD IT, gerbil bladder!

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