Waste a few minutes playing these mildly-amusing games.

The Rule

Urinal Game You know the rule of the pisser... don't you?

Training Simulator

Training Simulator Game It's the Academy version of Whack-A-Mole. Tell that Smack to get his chin, elbows, and shoulders in the correct position, and find out if you have what it takes to rip him a new one.

Mailbox Concentration

Mailbox Concentration Game Match the duplicate boxes, and win a prize at the end.

The Secret of the Mitchell Hall Lights

Mitchell Hall Lights Game A variation of the old Simon game. Beat the final level, and raise Billy Mitchell from the dead. There. It's not a secret anymore.

Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter Game Take down the deer overrunning the parade field so the cadets can march this weekend. Be sure to take the wind into account!

Flow Control

Flow Control Game An addictive game in which Cadet Billy Ray Hewitt must march his squadron from Mitchell Hall to Arnold Hall without hitting a dead end.

USAFA Conquest

USAFA Conquest Game Take command of the Fightin' Ostriches and lead them to victory as different factions vie for control of the Academy grounds! It's a fun game that resembes Risk.