THM Promos

Commercial and banners used to plug our shitty cartoon.

The Commercials
Commercial 1: I Told You
Mojo and I came up with this idea while drunk on a business trip to Dallas. The scripts to Episodes 3, 4, and 5 were all written on that same trip. While drunk. Although it provided a teaser before the release of Episode 3, the commercial was not well received primarily because it's not that funny.
Commercial 2: Be the Cancer
After General Weida made a comment about being a cancer, many on the site grabbed on to that and ran with it. One issue of eDodo started with a variety of toons from various artists saying "I am the cancer." Well, I completely missed the bus on that one because I was so engrossed with working on Episode 17. So one night I quickly pieced together this commercial for eDodo containing THM characters.
The Banners
The following are standard THM banners that were first used on eDodo.
These banners were used to hock THM t-shirts.
To try to scrounge up a few more cents for eDodo, Rip Russell plugged some of his favorite movies through DVD Empire. We're still waiting on our first check.
This was the original version of the "you're retarded" banner. The TV fuzz was cut out to conserve file size.
This banner was going to be used to promote the release of Episode 4. It was later going to be revamped and used for Episode 9. It wasn't used either time because I am an idiot.
This banner was to be used to promote Episode 11. The "C.A.R.E." concept was originally going to appear in that episode, but was later used in Episode 13.
This banner was put up to remind people that the Hate Machine still existed and a new episode would eventually be out. For some reason, Episode 14 kicked my ass and took about 6 months to make.
This banner, like the beginning of the episode, was to elicit the "wtf?" response from people.
Well, there are a couple things wrong with this banner. When Mojo wrote the episode, it was so long we were going to have to break it into two parts. Because 2003 treated me like a baby treats a diaper, I condensed and hacked until it was one episode. That way I at least get something out that year. Yeah right. The episode was released in January of 2004. Oh, and in case you've been living under a rock, the banner was inspired by the movie poster for The Two Towers.
And again, I was way off. THM 17 came out in March of 2005.
These are the first banners advertising the THM tab patch. A yummy little item, it is.
In 2005, I decided to go with Flash banners. I also built the random ad rotator. The first banner in the rotation was the Episode 18 ad. It immediately generated the question: "It's coming out tomorrow?" I had to empasize the "possibly later" part. Turns out "possibly later" meant two years.
Here are some of the other patch and t-shirt ads that were added in 2005:
I waited until episode 18 was out to make this banner, even though the design was available for a year or so earlier.