References, Closer Looks, and Shameless Plugs

Seen each THM episode about 20 times? Maybe you didn't catch everything. This page explains some of the obscure and not-so-obscure aspects of The Hate Machine.

Episode 1: The Assboy
  REFERENCE: That's Jerry Springer on TV in case you can't tell.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: eDoDo was still pretty new when this episode was made, and at the time we made every effort to advertise it.
Episode 2: Terror at Eye Level
  REFERENCE: The title "Terror at Eye Level" comes from the old Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet."
  CLOSER LOOK: That's the infamous T-3 Lawn Dart going down.
  REFERENCE: Always wanted to kill Kermit.
  REFERENCE: The frog is watching The Nutty Professor.
  CLOSER LOOK: CS-42 was placed in the newly-built 7th floor of Sijan Hall. Their squadron overlooks the rooftop of the rest of Sijan. That's Billy Ray ironing next door.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: These were a little too obvious, so they get more subtle as time goes on...
Episode 3: Child Abuse
  REFERENCE: This smack's shaking hand is from shell shock induced by watching Saving Private Ryan too many times.
  CLOSER LOOK: Actually, a closer listen. One of the first smacks to get trained recites Clinton's quote: "There is no limit to the amount you can do if you do not think you willl get caught."
  REFERENCE: I was just sitting here working on this page watching Season 3 of the Simpsons on DVD when I hear Barney say, "Piiictuuuure them in their uuuunderweeeaaar!"

REFERENCE: Sgt. Robot's viewfinder resembles the Terminator's, including the phrase "Hasta la vista, baby"

CLOSER LOOK: Robot's model number contains significant text strings such as: Y2K, 27B/6 (from the movie Brazil), IHTFP, and R2.
The readout indicates that Robot is downloading THM and is only at 3%.
He has a battery readout like a camcorder.
Small text reads "Chin not fully pinned (to cache)" and "Freshman (1)"
Robot's operating system was made by Microsoft.

  REFERENCE: Terminator 2 again... "Call out to your classmates."
  CLOSER LOOK: The front page of the paper says "T-37s Attack Canada." By this time that's all we have left to fight with. The picture on the front page is a map of the Up-Pen.
There's a box nasty in the trash next to the arm. That cracks me up for some reason.
Episode 4: The Prisoner's Dilemma
  REFERENCE: Harvey's comment, "What are the odds of us all being in the same class?" refers to every TV show (particularly sitcoms) in which the main characters always end up in the same place at the same time instead of leading independent lives.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: Every bulletin board in the interrogation rooms has this yellow sheet on it. The red text on the sheet says "eDoDo."
  CLOSER LOOK: Mac's tattoo indicates that he is "Sponsored by Power Bar™." The text appears to the right of the football helmet.
Also note that Mac's number is 999.
  CLOSER LOOK: Mac is signing a pennant, some little plastic footballs, a USAFA T, some photos, a megaphone, trading cards, a jersey, a ceremonial football, a flag, a couple game programs, a helmet, a poster, and a picture of the chapel.
  CLOSER LOOK: On the top of the paper, it reads, "Inside: NFL adds 80th team; MacCauley Culkin caught with hooker."
  CLOSER LOOK: Read it yourself.
Episode 5: Got Short Attention Span?
  CLOSER LOOK: Sgt Robot's refreshments in the courtroom: water and oil.
  REFERENCE: By putting this OJ-style glove on, Sgt Robot proves... well, he doesn't prove anything, but it makes for good TV.
  REFERENCE: We extrapolated Metallica's descent into suckitude to predict that one day will they not only sing shitty covers, but they will sing shitty Cyndi Lauper covers.
Episode 6: Brother of the Other Color
  CLOSER LOOK: Read it yourself. And for some odd reason Sgt Robot's execution got postponed a day.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: The bulletin board behind the CQ desk has a little ad for eDoDo with all four corners tacked down as per regulation.
  CLOSER LOOK: What a valiant effort made by C4C Handey. Not bad ups for a dude with no legs.
Episode 7: The Propaganda Machine (Part 1)
  CLOSER LOOK: The enemy's flag is a cross between France's flag and Canada's flag.
  REFERENCE: I'm not sure how obvious this is, but that is not supposed to be Beavis and Butthead; it's actually Harvey and Leonard acting like Beavis and Butthead.
  REFERENCE: One of my least favorite hands in the world: that Hamburger Helper FREAK.
Episode 8: The Propaganda Machine (Part 2)
  CLOSER LOOK: Outside Leonard's window, you can see some remnants of the French Canadian attack over noon meal formation earlier that day.
  CLOSER LOOK: We all know Stealth Force is under the influence. The leafy green substance hidden in this screen shot makes me wonder what Mojo was smoking when he doctored this picture.
  REFERENCE: This episode ends like a typical CHiPs episode. Actually, I doubt CHiPs started the trend of ending on a still shot, but it was probably the most famous for it.
Episode 9: Enter Mrs. Coffee
  SHAMELESS PLUG: That's the THM Mount Rushmore shirt that BJ is so proud of.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: Not as easy to spot is the CS-42 class photo shirt that Kurt is wearing in the Arnold Hall screenshot.
  CLOSER LOOK: The fat hick's belt buckle says "BILL" and "RODEO," and it depicts a man roping a calf. The skinny hick's belt buckle says "I LEFT MY X IN TX."
  REFERENCE: I hear this comes from Sesame Street or something.
  CLOSER LOOK: The priest is checking out the young honorary executioner while everyone else is looking at Sgt Robot. Also present are the Trial TV lawyer and "Chops" Buster. I'm not really sure who the sobbing black woman is. Probably someone who used to mentor Sgt Robot or some chick he started a relationship with while he was in the joint. Or maybe the ghost of Oprah Winfrey (she's dead, remember?). Another easy thing to miss is that the warden's coffee cup says, "World's Best Dad."
Episode 10: Bacon, Lettuce, and Public Indecency
  SHAMELESS PLUG: That's mojo's white Toyota Supra and my blue Isuzu Rodeo in the paking lot with Leonard's Pacer.
  REFERENCE: Leonard's Pacer is not unlike the one in Wayne's World. Same tape selection, even.
  CLOSER LOOK: BLT King boasts quite an extensive menu. The first hint that the thing is a hoax should be that the pictures on the menu are all of the same sandwich (with one reversed).
  CLOSER LOOK: Unbeknownst to Harvey, BJ is studying his phisique.
  CLOSER LOOK: Despite its vast menu, BLT King only serves one variety of tocino, lechuga, y tomate.... Y mayonesa!
  REFERENCE: Maj Dunkel is gettin' "John Madden" on dis bitch.
  REFERENCE: "And knowing is half the battle!" comes from the old GI Joe cartoon series.
Episode 11: Children of the Corn Children
  REFERENCE: This is straight out of that Queen video. Notice the bottom BJ has Freddie Mercury's fangs.
  REFERENCE: Gary Coleman would have been so much cooler than LeVar Burton.
  CLOSER LOOK: Although the BLT King commercial boasts countless varieties of bacon, lettuce, and tomato, the fine print indicates otherwise.
  REFERENCE: In the BLT King commercial, the word "RATS" is flashed up amongst the jumpy, flashy text. This is in reference to GW's infamous campaign commercial.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: For some reason the number 95 surfaces every now and then in THM.
  CLOSER LOOK: This scene was first created without the "quotation fingers," but I didn't think anyone would get "Dr." Zorn's "shucks" joke. I still think it goes unnoticed, possibly because it's not funny. But at least it's funny compared to Senator Grumblemeyer's "ears" joke. Either way, they're both pretty corny. Get it... "corny?" Never mind.
  CLOSER LOOK: Anyone notice that his name is a homophone for "mystery?" Hmmm?
  REFERENCE: "Dr." Zorn refers to "Indians, Mexicans, and whatnot," with the "whatnot" most likely being apes. Actually, the Planet of the Apes cornfield scene is one of the coolest moments in movie history, so there had to be an ape reference here.
  REFERENCE: Mr. Yellowstone is a Guns N' Roses reference, or possibly a reference to the national park.
  CLOSER LOOK: These scientists are required to wash their hands before they start digging through people's shit.
  REFERENCE: The armed soldiers enter Mr. E's domicile much like the soliders in the movie Brazil. The duct in the wall is also a reference to Brazil.
  REFERENCE: Whoever makes those CK commercials is queer. Whoever made this one is just plain fucked up.
  REFERENCE: Leo busts out the old Jedi mind trick here.
Episode 12: Two?
  CLOSER LOOK: "Chonking" is a prison term for flinging one's jit on a passerby. Also notice the AIDS awareness ribbon.
  REFERENCE: That's Tom Servo and Crow from MST3K.
  REFERENCE: Kurt befriended one Hannibal Lecter while in the joint.
  REFERENCE: Every time BJ does the splits, it's a reference to every movie made by Jean Claude Van Damme.
  CLOSER LOOK: Not all of this appeared in frame, but Harvey's "I'm so cool because I put my thumbs in my belt loops" pose really cracks me up for some reason.
  REFERENCE: Veronica's "you like that, huh?" comes from Ace Ventura.
  REFERENCE: This, of course comes from The Matrix, with sound effects coming from The Six Million Dollar Man. This took about 36 freakin' hours to create.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: Hey, after all that work on the Matrix thing, I had to sign my name.
  CLOSER LOOK: Harvey's breath on the window forms a heart. I'm not sure how obvious this was.
Episode 13: The Shortest Episode Ever (But with the Longest Title So Far)
  CLOSER LOOK: Harvey's trippy dream about Veronica indicates one part of her anatomy that he is fond of.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: Note that THM takes place in the future and Harvey's old squadron was CS-40. The Warhawks will live again!!
  REFERENCE: Ratchet learned this trick from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  REFERENCE: Maj C's holographic readout resembles that used in the rebel briefing in Return of the Jedi.
  REFERENCE: This transition comes from the old Super Friends episodes. "SF?" Hmmm...
  CLOSER LOOK: Zanax's voice is highly suggestive... when played in reverse. In this scene, he suggests that the viewer buy a Hate Machine t-shirt.
Towards the end of this episode, he says something for whatever hot, female THM viewers might be watching...
Wouldn't it be cool if backward masking actually worked?
  SHAMELESS PLUG: On Talon's instrument panel is a 3-state indicator: T, H, M.
  REFERENCE: Talon's tracks are in reference to Requiem for a Dream.
  REFERENCE: The interior of Jet's chopper looks exactly like the cockpit of the Milennium Falcon.
  REFERENCE: As the Soviet monkey morphs into a Russian extra-terrestrial, the intermittent stage looks like Homer Simpson.
  CLOSER LOOK: The Mir 2 was designed by a gay Russian.
  REFERENCE: Ratchet's "Look at the size of that thing," and Talon's "Cut the chatter, Ratchet," are another Star Wars reference.
  REFERENCE: Talon's F-22 docks the space station ala 2001: A Space Odyssey... or tries to, at least.
  REFERENCE: This scene was lifted from The Phantom Menace.


CLOSER LOOK: The "bunch of freaks" that Doc refers to on the Russian space station contains a few eDoDo favorites: Evil Ed, k!, and Silent Hef.

REFERENCE: The other aliens are ET, a Borg, the Predator, and Chewbacca.

  REFERENCE: This montage of drug use took a while. It is a nearly exact replication of a scene from Requiem for a Dream.
  CLOSER LOOK: Jet's Parachute harness was specially designed for her parade dress. It resembles those straps used to hold your saber. Notice how they correctly run under her shoulder rank.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: There's that 95 again.
Episode 14: Jailbreak!
  REFERENCE: The beginning of this episode resembles the beginning of Fight Club.
  CLOSER LOOK: The tattoo on Pablo's arm says "Rosita," which is the name of one (actually, more than one) of Paco's sisters.
  REFERENCE: This sequence is supposed to resemble an Autotrader commercial. You know, "I want a car." "A red car." "A convertible." Unlike the Autotrader commercial, and unfortunately for Kurt, none of the characteristics he specifies narrow down the choices at all.
  CLOSER LOOK: BJ is wearing his CKass t-shirt.
  CLOSER LOOK: The magazines Kurt is examining are entitled "Skin" and "Butty and the Breast." "Skin" magazine features Gina Ryder on the cover.
  CLOSER LOOK: Although the entire magazine does not appear in frame, Harvey's "Stroke" magazine displays a feature on "The Women of Star Trek." Also note that the back cover ad is plugging CKass. No pun intended.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: When drawing people for the background of the courtroom, I drew this guy that looks a lot like me. So I put a Boba Fett t-shirt on myself to complete the image. Now it IS me.
  CLOSER LOOK: The entire jury (or these six members, at least) have the same bodily shape from the front which happens to match the silhouette of the photo held up by the lawyer. Influences for some jury members include Hitler, Mother (the cookie bitch), and Olive Oyl.
  REFERENCE: The Sopraños are the Mexican version of the Sopranos. The part where Antonio holds up a pair of fuzzy dice refers to the part in season 2 when Tony wins his wife over with a fur coat.


CLOSER LOOK: Uncle Junior et al. are eating at Taco Bell.
REFERENCE: The dude in black is a character from Mexican TV. "El Chakal de Trompeta," I think.

More from k!:

ping, you fucking rule. i wanted to find out more about El Chacal De La Trompeta (from ep 14), so i did some digging around. if you want, you can update the extras page with this info.

here's the entry from The Gong Show wiki entry - "The Spanish language program Sábado gigante regularly airs a similar segment, El chacal de la trompeta ("The Jackal of the Trumpet"). During this contest, six contestants are given the chance to sing a song, with the bad performers being eliminated mid-song by el chacal, a ghostlike character who blows an old trumpet to end such acts. Unlike The Gong Show, el chacal does not have to wait a specific amount of time before eliminating someone (on many occasions, players have been eliminated almost immediately after beginning). The "surviving" performers are voted on by the audience, with the one receiving the most applause winning a prize or some cash."

i've also attached a picture of el chacal for your reference.

keep on keepin on, beeyatch!

- k!

  REFERENCE: The dude in the wheelchair is from the TV show Oz.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: Pretty obvious.
  CLOSER LOOK: Read it yourself.
  CLOSER LOOK: The thermostat brand is "Thermo-Kontrol-A-Tron-Tech-Nix." The numeric temperature labels go up to 110 then say, "...and so on." And the qualitative tempreature labels read: "Cold, Warm, Warmer, Warmer, Hot, Really hot, Raghead camel jockey suicide bomber kneeling to allah hot, Shit hot, Foxtrot sierra hotel, brah, and Jesus H. Christ."
  REFERENCE: Sgt Pepper is not a reference to the Beatles. This dude is based off one of the all-time best James Bond characters, Sheriff JW Pepper. To learn more about JW, watch Live and Let Die or The Man with the Golden Gun.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: The prison bulletin board has a mugshot of eDoDo.
  REFERENCE: John Coffey is a character from The Green Mile. So is Mr. Jangles.
  REFERENCE: Hannibal's farewell to Kurt comes straight out of Silence of the Lambs.
  REFERENCE: McDonald's. Robble robble.
  REFERENCE: Kurt's exit from prison resembles Cape Fear.
  CLOSER LOOK: That's Mr. E picking Kurt up from the joint.
  REFERENCE: This scene is in reference to Shawshank Redemption.
  REFERENCE: The music played here is somewhat similar to Jaws. Ok, it is Jaws.
  REFERENCE: The sequence where Kurt tears down the shower curtain is similar to the shower scene from Psycho.
Episode 15: The Offersons

CLOSER LOOK: The scenes introducing the Offersons indicate that they are not quite the wholesome family they come off as. In this scene, Ted is cleaning his guns in the garage, and on the wall behind him is a pin-up calendar.

REFERENCE: The month on the calendar is Smarch – a Simpsons reference. As an aside, it's difficult to work Simpsons references into THM. When you're making a cartoon that contains ideas/images from another (better) cartoon, it can come off as copying.

  CLOSER LOOK: Sue needs some JD to help her deal with the family. Also, one of the ingredients in her baking is "Rat-B-Gon."
  CLOSER LOOK: Sarah keeps a vibrator on the nightstand. But according to her bedpost, she doesn't seem to have much need for it.

CLOSER LOOK: Jake's computer screen has open a chat window in which he is indicating that he is "...a 42 y/o male, and I'm looking for a little action." The posters on his wall (from left to right): The ass of some bikini-clad chick, Air Force football, and tie-dye potleaf.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Below the chat window on his screen is The Hate Machine main menu.


REFERENCE: The Offersons in general are indicative of every stupidly happy sitcom family on TV. Their name is derived from The Jeffersons and the fact they get offed later in the episode.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Actually, that's only the reason I kept the name. The truth is my sponsors' last name was Offerson.

  CLOSER LOOK: Debra's last name, Flinn, is loosely derived from the reverse of the word "MILF."
  CLOSER LOOK: Kurt's old sponsor chose to hang a picture of one of his 'Nam buddies on the wall above the couch. That arm is clutching an M-16.
  REFERENCE: The man says he was stationed in "Qui-Gon," which is a Star Wars reference. His wife's rambling ends with the phrase, "Bah weep granah weep ninny bong," which is the universal greeting from Transformers: The Movie.
  CLOSER LOOK: If you watch this scene closely, when Harvey gets yanked down by his sponsor, it reveals that there was one bullet that miraculously passed right through his head.
  REFERENCE: Another Transformers reference. That's Bumblebee.

REFERENCE: I wanted to work in that famous scene from The Graduate. Once I completed this part, I was pulling my hair out over why Debra would have her leg raised like that. In the script, I left it kind of ambiguous as to whether or not that was her leg. I decided I'd just make it a dummy leg. You see, Debra builds mannequins... or something. It really just ended up being one of those "what the fuck?" things when you actually see her holding the leg.

Ali the Hooters Manager refers to her character as "Debra with the fake leg." So I guess another interpretation of this is that the leg is Debra's. Who knows. Maybe we can clear this up in a future episode.

  REFERENCE: This is an exact copy of the famous doctored photo of the dude on the WTC.
  REFERENCE: This is an exact copy of the famous Pulitzer Prize-winning Vietnam execution photo.
  REFERENCE: I thought a Snarf clock would be cool.
  REFERENCE: Can't get enough of the Star Wars references.


Directed by

Special thanks to:
The Geek
Lo the Turtle
Ben Dover
Gina Ryder
Ali the Hooters Manager
Sue Grant

Tori Welles
Everyone who has bought a THM shirt
George Lucas
Monty Python
Matt Groening
Ronald Reagan
Phil Hendrie
Art Bell

No thanks to:
Whoever scratched my car door
AT&T - I still haven't forgotten that
you slammed me, bitches
This DC sniper fucker
That guy who tried to light his fucking
shoes on fire in a trans-Atlantic flight
The far left
The far right

I'd explain all this, but I don't want to.

  REFERENCE: The priest's description of Sue's corned beef rolls, etc. comes from Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Cycling Tour episode. Part of the episode refers to safe food. Classic stuff.
Episode 16: The Two Towers
  CLOSER LOOK: The script for episode 16 reads: "[Maxx Tracker] is in front of 3 confiscated briefcases. He opens a briefcase that holds a huge mound of white powder, more than could have physically fit in the briefcase when it was closed." Although there are huge mounds of powder in the first two cases, I think the joke was kind of lost in the translation from script to screen.
  CLOSER LOOK: Maxx Tracker is such a cheesy show, they couldn't even afford a new set for the computer lab. It's just the crime lab backdrop with the word "computer" hand scrawled over it. Plus, I was lazy.
  REFERENCE: This is a reference to every crappy movie and TV show in which an image is "enhanced." For the technically ignorant: You can't create something from nothing. That's why ugly chicks on put blurry far-away pictures of themselves on their profiles. they know you won't be able to zoom in and enhance that hideous growth they have beside their nose.

CLOSER LOOK: The tiny text on the left says "INTERUDER ALERT INTRUDER ALERT." The text on the right says "RANDOM COMPUTER STUFF."

REFERENCE: The text on the left is in reference to the old Berserk arcade game. Not that anyone would see it.

  REFERENCE: This scene refers to every stereotypical cop show/movie in which the hero jumps to escape an explosion in the nick of time. Maxx Tracker will most likely be seen jumping from every future explosion in THM.
  REFERENCE: The entire episode is, of course, a reference to the World Trade Center attacks. And of course the "The Two Towers" title was a Lord of the Rings rip-off.

CLOSER LOOK: Leonard has an old C.A.R.E. sticker on his monitor.

REFERENCE: The name Casier Chargé came from an online translator's interpretation of "Bin Laden."

  SHAMELESS PLUG: The Indian in this test pattern has been replaced with a dodo, an eDodo, if you will.
  CLOSER LOOK: The hijacker's nametag says "FR CAN EXCHANGE." And that matching green beret kind of cracks me up. Sometimes.

SHAMELESS PLUG: There's a 95 again...

REFERENCE: Mon-GO refers to another -PING!- cartoon that is currently in the works.

  CLOSER LOOK: Peep the second glider's markings.
  CLOSER LOOK: I tried to make the hijackers progressively more menacing. This guy has a scar...

CLOSER LOOK: ...and this guy has the Skeletor cheekbones and an eye patch.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Note the IP is sporting a CS-42 patch and a THM patch. Not that this IP is one of the Ostriches, it's more a nod to current cadets who wear their CS-42 patches with pride.

  CLOSER LOOK: In case you were wondering why the sun was moving so quickly across the sky, it's because this glider is taking forever to come down.

CLOSER LOOK: The dentist has a sign that reads "DENTAL HOBBY SHOP" on his wall.

REFERENCE: The ice skate and rock on the counter indicate that this guy went to the "Tom Hanks in Castaway" School of Dentistry.

  CLOSER LOOK: This is what it would look like if -PING!- created playing cards.
  REFERENCE: Major Major is a character straight out of Catch 22, one of mojo's favorites.
  REFERENCE: General Goerbels is adopting the Morpheus stance from the Matrix series.

CLOSER LOOK: This scene is a direct copy of the Maxx Tracker "Enhance!" scene. One of the themes of this episode is a "life imitating art" type thing. Hence the explosions and the "on the next episode..." cuts.

Also notice that the sign in the background says "LEADERSHIP LAB."

  CLOSER LOOK: This terrorist bought his SAM from Toys R Us.
  CLOSER LOOK: The NERF thing was just dragging that last joke out a little further. Maybe too far.
  CLOSER LOOK: Maxx is diving from yet another explosion.
  REFERENCE: When we pan and zoom to see the glider action in the air, I so badly wanted to put this Simpsons opening in the episode, but I decided it disrupted the action too much, so it ended up in the outtakes.
  CLOSER LOOK: BJ originally had a couple lines in this episode, but mojo forgot to record them. When I got to the point that I needed them, mojo had strep throat or something, so he suggested that I do the voice and have someone in the background comment on how BJ hasn't sounded the same since the raw hot dog eating contest. Although it didn't fit in the episode, I thought that was so hilarious that it would make a good outtake. And it did.
Episode 17: Deer, Deer, Deer, Deer
  REFERENCE: The title "Deer, Deer, Deer, Deer" is in reference to the "Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer" jodie.
  CLOSER LOOK: I wanted to flash a subliminal image after Leonard said the words "low integrity." I didn't put Clinton in there for any other reason than he was the first one to come to mind.
  REFERENCE: Robocop is sitting CQ... probably getting his sentences finished for him.

CLOSER LOOK: I loved this view of Bah-brah chopped at the neck.

REFERENCE: The U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, B, A, START code is the famous "Konami Code" etched in the brain of every true Contra addict.


CLOSER LOOK: General Goerbels still smirks every time he says "Major Major."

CLOSER LOOK: Also note that that's a map of the cadet area in the war room.

  SHAMELESS PLUG: There's 95 tons a' corn fer ya.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: The warden is drinking his flavorful coffee from his THM coffee mug.
  SHAMELESS PLUG: Hannibal was chipping away at the "Dodo and Fledglings" statue.

REFERENCE: Straight outta T2.

CLOSER LOOK: Mr. Gladhand was drinking some cool, refreshing Irish Mank. Mmm... More on Irish Mank in the future.

  REFERENCE: Sgt Robot is busting out his best bullet-time Matrix move here.
  CLOSER LOOK: Where there's smoke, there's fire. And where there's fire, there's Maxx Tracker.
  REFERENCE: ED-209 smoked Robocop at the beginning of his CQ shift.
  CLOSER LOOK: The "hats are still optional" line was added to explain why no one is ever seen wearing a hat outdoors.
  REFERENCE: This is, of course, from mojo's Flow Control game.
Episode 18: One Day Pass
  REFERENCE: The entrance to the war room looks very similar to the MST3K theater entrance sequence.

REFERENCE: The General tells Major Major (smirk) to continue feeding the deer feces to the cadets. This is a refence to Col. G-Man at the Academy who told the dinks "True leadership is feeding your subordinates a five pound bag of feces and getting them to ask for more." Leaders like that don't realize that until you are on top, you are a subordinate. Leaders like that are why I got out.

  SHAMELESS PLUG: General G's club cover is a dodo.

REFERENCE: Kurt's flight manual looks a lot like Highlights magazine.


REFERENCE: Yeah, it's a corn watch, but it's actually making fun of how avid pot smokers have a pot leaf emblazoned across about everything they own. Our ridicule goes both ways, you know.

  CLOSER LOOK: Toner is reading "Staying One Step Ahead."
  REFERENCE: Leo is listening to a Tom Shane commercial on the radio.
  REFERENCE: This sequence is in reference to every other horror movie that plays a shrieking music whenever something insignificant happens just to make you jump.

REFERENCE: This is the corpse of Billy Mitchell, one of the eDodo mascots of old.

  REFERENCE: Harvey's reflection on what is happening during his adventure with Dante is a spoof on The Wonder Years.
  REFERENCE: The South Nevada Avenue Floatin' Dogs are made up of a number of pretty notable members. Rudy, Donald, and Mushmouth are from Fat Albert's Cosby kids... another African-American gang. Roadblock is from the old G.I. Joe cartoons; Jar-Jar from Star Wars; Rocky from Rocky; and Rocky II is actually Rocky Dennis from the movie Mask.
  REFERENCE: The boot-lighting sequence is in reference to Richard Reid, the famous shoe-bombing terrorist.
  REFERENCE: Kurt's mask closely resembles the lower part of Darth Vader's mask.
  REFERENCE: The bonus sequence comes from VH-1's Pop-Up Video.
  CLOSER LOOK: These last few come up pretty quickly. Here's a closer look.
  REFERENCE: The top one here is from the song Signs by Tesla (and by someone else before that).
  CLOSER LOOK: The last one disappears very quickly.