Here they are. All the goodies.


The Stuff You Might Have Missed
References, Closer Looks, and Shameless Plugs - Little things you might not have caught... some more obvious than others.

The Story
Behind the Hate - Here is everything you never wanted to know about The Hate Machine.

The Promos
THM Promos Page - Here are the THM commercials and the banners used to plug THM on its original home at www.edodo.com and later www.edodo.org.

The Media
THM Media Page - This is where you'll find the graphics and sounds that you've been looking for!

The Games
THM Games Page - Here are some games inspired by and/or vaguely related to THM.

The Other Squadron
Stealth Force - Here are the episodes we were able to collect from airforce.com's hilarious cartoon Stealth Force.

Frequently Asked Questions
THM FAQ - Got a question about THM that has been burning a hole in your head? Maybe you'll find the answer here.


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